Let’s Talk About New People and Experiences

I run into the strangest people on campus. I have the strangest people in my classes. The strangest people live in my dorm. I love it.

Here are my Top 5 Funniest/Weirdest Experiences in my first month as a college student:

1. One day, I was looking super fabulous in my lace dress and cowboy boots. As I was walking back to my dorm after class, a complete stranger who was passing me yells out, “there’s a snake in my boot!” Thank you for the Toy Story reference that made my day, kind sir.

2. In my Astronomy class, my professor gives us lectures centered around geekery. Today, we learned about parsecs by comparing it to Star Wars. Coolest class of my life? Definitely.

3. One night, I went into the restroom on my dorm floor to brush my teeth. After having been in the bathroom for about a minute, a girl comes out of one of the shower stalls in her robe, carrying a mason jar full of something white (ice cream? Yogurt? Marshmallow cream?) and a spoon. She proceeded to eat it as she crossed to the toilet stalls. After she shut the door behind her, I rinsed and bolted. 

4. Before my Astronomy night lab, I really had to use the bathroom. Our night labs are outside, so I had to walk back to the science building myself. I got up to the third floor where the women’s restroom is located. Now, I’ve gone up to this restroom many times but it’s always been during the day when there were lots of people on the floor. Well, at 9 at night, it is completely deserted and there isn’t much light. Something in my periphery caused me to turn and I came face to face with a real live wolf. I actually let out a scream before I realized the wolf was not really alive, it was stuffed and there was a good inch of glass between myself and the beast, just in case it should decide to come back to life.

5. I live on the pretty side of campus (lots of old trees and beautiful scenery). This is great but I’m far away from the useful side of campus (student union and the rec center, among other things). On our first night staying on campus, my friends and I were walking from the useful side of campus back to our dorm on the pretty side. Suddenly, I looked over and in the one of the windows of the Freshman dorm was Batman. That’s right. The Caped Crusader was watching out for all the citizens of the University. I was so pumped until my friend – killjoy that he is – had to go and point out that it was just a cardboard cutout. However, I still look for the Masked Manhunter whenever I have to cross campus alone at night. He’s like a beacon of hope, telling me I’ll make it to my destination safely. 

More to come! Ciao!

xx Chloe


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