Today the Leaves Fell Like Snow

My friends say, “I’m considering a career in aerospace, flying big planes and working for the UN or a disaster relief organization.”

I say, “I’m considering a career.” 

My friends say, “I want a boyfriend who will buy me pretty things and take me on dates in a shiny limousine. Someone who only has eyes for me. Someone who is funny. Someone who has just the right amount of style.”

I say, “I just want someone with hair like Ron Weasley or Benedict Cumberbatch.”

My friends say, “Everything is so hectic, I just want to go to sleep but my professors have laden us with homework and my friends want to go out tonight. I wonder if they’ve stopped being angry at each other? Do you think my hair looks better up or down? What’s the best time to go get my fingernails painted?”

I say, “Did you notice how the leaves fell like snow today? How they are the color of fire and mangos? Did you notice the way they look like Monarch butterflies as they sail through the sky and land gracefully on the asphalt?”

I live on the pretty side of campus. 



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