Don’t Shoot Me (I’m Only the Piano Player)

I think sometimes as college students, we forget about being safe. It’s humiliating to even consider calling a campus police officer to walk us across campus after dark. We don’t want to look like wimps (boys, I’m talking to you!) so we figure we’ll walk across campus alone “just this once.” 

When I went to my grandparents’ house this weekend, I had a few frightening things happen to me. Nothing serious, but unsettling nonetheless. It made me promise to myself that I would never be a “stupid college kid” when it came to being safe on campus. 

That being said, here’s my list of “Really Obvious Things That Will Keep You Safe.” :]

  1. Pepper spray is your friend. Mine is pink and pretty.
  2. You don’t have to call a campus cop, but at least call a friend if you need to get somewhere after dark.
  3. Carry something heavy with you. I carry a fully filled, 32 oz water bottle. Come at me, bad guys.
  4. If you have to walk somewhere by yourself after dark, call a friend. That way, if you’re abducted, the person on the other end will (hopefully) hear it happening and call the police.
  5. Goes towards the light! Or at least walk in it… 

There you go! I’m sure you already knew all of that, but just to keep you updated on your safety! :]


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