A Funny Thing Happened In the Middle of Rehearsal

Yesterday during choir rehearsal, we were singing a German piece and my director kept saying we needed to “impregnate” our notes. Now, you must understand that this is an older gentleman, director of the university’s choirs and a church choir, who is very serious and will call you out in front of 100 people if you are singing flat. He also has a speech impediment and a personality quirk (I imagine he has some mild form of Aspergers or Autism – his brain seems to be a million different places at one time and he’s slightly socially awkward) which makes him completely unforgettable. He is definitely one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever met.

Anyway, he was becoming a little frustrated with us and our apparent lack of ability to make our notes grow as we sustained them.

“You need to make them expand in the middle! Kind of like…like that orange birdy on Angry Birds, you know? The one that puffs up when you launch it? Be that bird!”

As you can well imagine, we could hardly contain our laughter. As we descended into what some may describe as madness or hilarity, he merely raised his eyes towards the ceiling, crossed his hands over his stomach, and smiled to himself. In a barely inaudible voice he then said,

“Yes, I love playing Angry Birds…especially during church!”

It was altogether an eventful rehearsal, followed by a superb (if somewhat ill-attended) concert.

Tonight, I have an English paper to write and some French to study. However, I’m hardly in a mood conducive to wanting to focus on homework. Instead, I’ve been spending the time I should have been working on school to put together this week’s playlist, aptly entitled “Study Time.” Enjoy!

Until we meet again,

xx Chloe

PS – Check out the leaf collage my roommate is constructing on the side of our closet! (I’m the official health inspector, meaning I check for bugs when she brings the leaves inside :)).




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