Things I Would Probably Give My Left Arm for At This Moment

1. A bubble bath. I’m talking a legit bubble bath, dimming the lights, lots of tea candles, classical music playlist (or the cd Razor Blades, Little Pills, and Big Pianos), and a mug of hot tea. Consequently…

2. Hot Tea. Or hot chocolate. Or anything warm to drink.

3. My heating pad. It’s at home which is so sad.

4. Anyone of Mom’s soups, though preferably her potato and cabbage with spicy kielbasa sausage.

5. A Diet Coke from sonic.

6. A TY lion beanie baby. Okay, I probably wouldn’t give my arm for one of these, but I REALLY want one because they are just so precious! And lions are my favorites. So if anyone wants to get me a present just because they love me, here you go. I’m handing it to you on a silver platter. :]]



3 thoughts on “Things I Would Probably Give My Left Arm for At This Moment

    • I think it’s probably different for girls. A young lady in my comm class gave a whole speech over her stuffed bear that she still carries with her everywhere. I figure a little lion to set on my desk wouldn’t be so bad. :]]

      • Well yeah, girls can obviously get away with it lol That is amazing the whole speech any ever thing though. Sometimes you need that little stuffed animal dude to make your day better 😛

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