Lesson Learned

I learned two important lessons this week which I feel the need to share. I hope some other poor, clueless freshmen out there can learn from my idiocy. 

Lesson #1 – It Will Rain

On Monday, we were still experiencing what seemed to be some leftover rainfall from storms on Sunday night. Our campus is a veritable swamp when it rains – the parking lots flood, the rain spouts turn into waterfalls somewhat akin to Niagara, and you need a small boat or submarine of some kind to navigate the sidewalks and roads which seem to have turned into Nile river in a matter of hours. That sort of thing. 

Well, I was on my way to the Rec Center to go run and there was a very, very light mist going on outside. Nothing major. I didn’t even need an umbrella (but I brought one, just in case). About a quarter of the way across campus, it started to sprinkle. I opened my umbrella absentmindedly, my thoughts some 1000 miles away. 

And that was when it happened. That was when I was magically transported to India, in the middle of monsoon season.

Not really, but that is what it felt like. There was a crash of thunder and the bottom fell out. I’ve never seen rain like this. And I still had to walk a quarter of a mile to the gym.

By the time I got to the lobby of the Rec, I might as well have been a puddle. My pants were drenched, my shoes were soaked, my hair was wet. I dripped all the way to the locker room, where I then had to hold my Nike’s under a hand dryer for over 20 minutes until they were dry. 

Moral of the story: Always wear a rain jacket and rain boots, even if it only looks like it’s going to rain! 

Lesson #2 – Procrastination Should Be a Deadly Sin

My communications professor assigned us what is called a “Final Draft Preparation Outline” on Tuesday. Now, me being me, never having had to do work in high school and comm being a standard class, I thought I could wait until Wednesday night to do this outline. What would it take? 30 minutes? Tops? 

Uh, wrong. 

I didn’t get to sleep until well past midnight (you night owls may scoff, but I have to have 8 hours of sleep or I might kill someone) then I had to wake up at 7 this morning to finish it. I had to rearrange my entire day, which meant that when I got to the gym this evening, there were a million and a half people on the track.

Moral of the story: Procrastination with kill you or cause you to be in one of those moods where you will kill other people for saying “hi” in the wrong tone of voice.


Learn from my mistakes, dear readers!

xx Chloe


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