John Watson Would Have Fainted

Today has been such a beautiful day. 

I got to sleep late.

I took a bubble bath.

I drank green tea and listened to The Little Willies.

But the best part, by far, was going to Gap and finding out that literally the entire store was on sale.

I should tell you that I love 2 things: Gap and sweaters. I’m kind of like John Watson (BBC Sherlock, not that stupid, poser Elementary or whatever it’s called. Dumb.) in that I could probably wear a “jumper” every day of my life. 

I got 3 sweaters today at Gap and it only cost me 25 dollars. 

Bargain Queen of America? Yes, that would be me. 

Dr. Watson would have had a heart attack at the number of sweaters on sale. It was glorious.

I also got pink pants. What isn’t wonderful about pink pants? 

On top of all these good things, I found out that my mom and I are making soup tomorrow. This might not sound exceptionally exciting, but when my mother makes soup, she makes soup. I don’t care if you have a doctorate in culinary arts, Momma makes the best soup in the whole world. (And, yes, this is the same wonderful woman who gave me a new wool trench coat today as an early Christmas gift. It came with a matching scarf and just generally makes me feel like Sherlock.)

Ciao for now!













PS- I might as well add that in a perfect world Martin Freeman would be my uncle. I would also be married to either Arthur Darvill, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Tom Hiddleston. My best friends would be Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. David Tennant would be my other cool uncle. Can you tell how much I wish I was British? It’s completely unfair. 


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