A Study in Pink

Nothing can really go wrong when you’re wearing pink pants.

I woke up and went to Astronomy which was very inspiring. We talked about Galileo. 

I had a complete breakdown trying to get a microphone so I could do Rosetta Stone.

We sang Mendelssohn’s Elijah oratorio in choir.

I panicked because my French professor still hadn’t emailed me back and class was starting in an hour.

I went to French class and my professor was really chill and gave me full marks and told me Rosetta Stone wasn’t due until next Wednesday.

I had a lovely dinner with my parents and my aunt who had come in from Alabama. 

The best part of the night by far, though, was the Astronomy study group we had at the local donut shop. And, yes, my professor was the host. He is that awesome.

Nothing can go wrong when you’re wearing pink pants (just kidding). 

Tomorrow, though, is going to be the best day ever because I only have two classes. In one of them, we are listening to speeches and in the other, we are watching Troy (yes, Brad Pitt Troy). 

And then I get to find out who my big is in my sorority! Hooray for Thursdays which I usually hate with a passion! (Because, really, whose dumb idea was that? “Let’s stick an extra day in here to make them wait longer for the weekend! Brilliant!” No. Dumb.) 

So, in honor of a good day today and a good day tomorrow, the playlist of the week is “Belgravia.” It’s inspired by my favorite BBC woman, Irene Adler, played by Lara Pulver on Sherlock. She’s the embodiment of the “strong female character,” the one that will whip a man into shape…literally. They don’t call her Dominatrix for nothing! Enjoy!

Until next time, friends! 

xx Chloe

PS – Fall Break is so close I can taste it! Just two more days and four more classes to get through!


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