Strange But True

I wish I could credit certain people with these facts, but they were unfortunately just little tidbits of information I stored in my brain. The sources have, regrettably, been forgotten. No copyright infringement intended! I also can’t guarantee that these are truly true but they are fun. Go with it. 

1. Girls usually like to carry some type of mints or gum with them when they go on dates, but our go-to is typically a form of peppermint. However, it’s been proven that males prefer the scent of cinnamon.

2. “Have you ever seen a photo of yourself and it kinda ruins your day?” (That’s a Jim Gaffigan quote). WELL, there’s a reason for that! When you see yourself in a mirror, your brain (amazing vessel that it is) automatically resizes what you are seeing so that everything appears more symmetrical. Science has proven that our concept of “beauty” is actually based on symmetry. The more symmetrical a person is, the more beautiful we find them to be. So, when you look at yourself, your brain “symmetricizes” everything so that it’s more perfect. Well, when you see a picture of yourself, you don’t get the same effect. So, if you happen to have a lazy eye or one nostril is larger than the other, you notice is when you see it in photograph form. That’s why your friends and family will think you look beautiful in a picture that you might hate. It’s how they’re used to seeing you everyday, it’s just not how you’re used to seeing you. Make sense?

3. Cold weather does not make you ill. People have weaker immune systems in this day and age because we stay inside more, bath more, and are generally healthier. Obvious, really. [: 

4. Each and every human was once, for 30 minutes, a single cell. That one is a little mind blowing. 

5. Apples are more effective at waking you up in the morning than drinking a caffeinated beverage. This will not stop me from inhaling a 32 oz. Diet Coke from Sonic tomorrow morning. Cheers!

xx Chloe 


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