Roommate Quote of the Day

This afternoon, we had dress rehearsal for “Elijah” because the concert is on Sunday. For those of you out there who are not choir geeks, Elijah is a really beautiful oratorio by  Felix Mendelssohn (you can check it out below; I’ve added a Spotify playlist with the whole oratorio on it). It was originally in German and called Elias. It tells the story of the prophet Elijah. The events in the oratorio can be found in the books 1 Kings and 2 Kings in the Old Testament.

It was our first time running the show (forgive the musical theater term) with the orchestra and the soloists, which is always super exciting. There are three soloists, a man who plays the parts of Obadiah and Ahab, a woman who sings the part of the Youth and Queen Jezebel, and (of course) Elijah. Now, the gentleman singing the part of Elijah is probably in his 60s and he has an absolutely gorgeous bass voice. After he sang his first solo, my roommate (who is also in choir and sits next to me in the soprano section) turned and looked at me.


And that was all she said.

It was really all she had to say.

Until the next time.

xx Chloe



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