Happiness Is The Last Day of the Semester

It’s finally here! Today is the last day of the semester!

I took an Astronomy test this morning and I only have one more class then I’m done! Even better, I only have one final! I’m so psyched!

I know it’s been forever since I’ve written a real post, so here we go! I guess I’ll start with Thanksgiving.

Every Thanksgiving, my family piles into the car and drives 12 hours to my grandparents’ house in North Carolina, spends Thanksgiving day there, then turns around and come home. Now, this used to not be the case, because we could leave our outdoor dogs with our neighbors for a few days and everything would be fine. Well, then the pups had to go and mess everything up by attacking a chihuahua who crossed over the invisible fence line into our yard. So, we now only get to spend the one day in NC because we have to board our dogs (now singular, one dog, because we had to put Frankie down in May).

Anyway, I digress. I usually hate long car rides because I get carsick. But school has been so stressful lately that I was thrilled to spend 12 hours getting to read, talk to my family, watch my favorite movies, etc. It was so so relaxing.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, as is to be expected. I mean, what can’t be perfect about a holiday centered around food? I am very cliche and think that the best part of Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. I think it’s because it’s like eggnog and I only get to have it one time a year. Makes it special. 🙂

On our way home, we stopped in Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina so my dad could show us his alma mater (hence why I am a Carolina fan). My sis and I got to take pictures at the Old Well, which was fun!


With Thanksgiving break behind us, my university was into it’s last full week of school (last week). Now we’re here, finals begin Friday, and then we’re out until late January. I could honestly not be happier!

Quick funny story, since I mentioned being a Carolina fan. I was leaving my French class last week and there was a cute British guy outside. Well, I sort of milled around for a minute, debating whether I should tell him that his voice/accent could stop wars, texting my roommate/wingwoman to get her input on the matter, when all of sudden a shadow fell over me. I looked up and a tall, African-American guy with very large eyes was standing extremely close to me. You have to understand that I hate people being in my bubble. Still, I tried to be chill about it.

“Aye, girl. You like them Tar Heels?” (Forgot to mention that I was wearing one of my awesome UNC shirts). I figured he was going to try and hit on me using sports metaphors or whatever, so I played it cool.

“Yeah, man, that’s my team!”

He got even closer to me. Oh, hell, no.

In barely a whisper he said, “Tar Heels suck.”

WHAT. All I could think was what is happening right now? This guy’s eyes were getting crazy big and he was just staring at me like he was going to strangle me or something. Laughing nervously, I muttered something incoherent and shuffled off, rather terrified.

And I didn’t even get to talk to the British guy. Brilliant.

Anyway, to celebrate my joy over this being the end of the semester, I’m posting the Spotify playlist I’m probably most proud of. It’s called 49° because that seems to be a consistent temperature here, even though it’s December. Enjoy!

Until the next time!

xx Chloe


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