A New Year and Another Year Older

Hello, friends! 

I know I haven’t posted since before Christmas and I do feel bad for neglecting my blog. 

School starts back on Thursday and I am having mixed emotions about this. Part of me has been so bored the past week and a half that I am actually excited at the prospect of homework simply because it will give me something to do. The other half of me is dreading the return because I love sleep so much. Truly, I think sleep should be a bigger part of humans’ lives. 

This has been a lovely break, though. Despite the bipolar weather (it was 70 degrees two days ago and today it didn’t get above 40), it has been very relaxing and low-key. Christmas was lovely and New Year’s gave me the opportunity to catch up with some friends I felt I hadn’t seen in an eternity. 

Yesterday, I turned 19. Compared to my 18th birthday, it was positively boring. I mean, there isn’t exactly anything new about 19. When you turn 18, you can vote, buy lottery tickets, and start smoking. Granted, I’ve only done one of those things (I have asthma and the gambling has never appealed to me, so take a wild guess) but still, it’s the novelty of the idea. 

I wish I could think of some funny or exciting story to post, but as I said, this is has been a pretty boring vacation. 

Until I have interesting news!

xx Chloe


One thought on “A New Year and Another Year Older

  1. Merry Christmas / Happy New Year / Happy belated birthday! :] I actually understand about the homework thing! I haven’t been to school in a year and I kind of miss doing something {learning related} with my time. It’s weird, right? I agree about the sleep thing though. I’m definitely going to miss that. A lot. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, the birthday. I’m turning nineteen in April and I’m not too excited about it, like you said, there’s nothing ‘new’ to being nineteen >.<
    Still, I hope you had a good birthday, have fun at school and all that jazz! :]

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