I am reformatting my midterm blog posts based on a recent NPR story I heard which challenged listeners to write a short story as if it were a voicemail.

So, I am still going to address the three topics I mentioned earlier and I will try and do it from my own, Southern perspective. However, I will be writing more creatively and yes, writing as if it were a voicemail.

How fun!

My first post will be about religion and philosophy and, funny enough, a break up. While I haven’t actually ever broken up with someone via voicemail, part of this is very personal for me because it deals with a statement I was once presented with, about my fate as a “non-theist” (I use this term over “atheist” because I have trouble defining myself, honestly). However, it should be noted that the narrator is not me. She simply feels a lot of the same things I do. 🙂 


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