These Aren’t Feminists! This Is Sunday Brunch With the Cast of Desperate Housewives! (Philosophy Midterm Post #3 – Final Post)

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Mrs. Mason, I appreciate your call about the brunch club. I have to say, I found the experience interesting, however…I don’t think I will be attending again. 
To be perfectly honest, your group is not exactly what I would call a “feminist organization.” When Meghan mentioned that you were holding meetings to discuss gender equality in America, I was thinking more along the lines of…you know, gender equality. Not spiffy southern belles in Lilly Pulitzer dresses discussing the secret to their so-called famous Deviled Eggs recipes. 
Yes, I know, that’s the purpose of brunch. 
But it isn’t what I was expecting. 
The problem is, these aren’t feminists. This is Sunday brunch with the cast of “Desperate Housewives!” In the course of the meal, I heard several incredibldisturbing comments.
Sandra said that while she understands that she should probably pay for dinner every once in a while (especially since her boyfriend has been out of a job for the past six months), she just feels like its so unladylike to suggest the idea and she even thinks her boyfriend would find it offensive, given his current financial situation. Sophie Jo sympathized with this skewed logic, saying that if -when they were dating – her husband had ever suggested she pay or they split the bill, she would have thought he was incredibly cheap.
Georgia claimed that she thinks it’s perfectly okay for her daughter to hit or punch a boy if he’s acting aggressively towards her but that her son was being taught that it is never, ever okay to hit a girl. 
Annabelle complained for at least thirty minutes about how she wishes she could have 5 minutes of peace every now and again, then laughingly admitted that she’d never even think about letting her husband cook dinner or clean the house because she was sure he’d screw something up. 
These probably seem like trivial matters to you, but to me, I think it makes a point about your society. 
I don’t claim to be an excellent example of feminism. If a guy wants to buy my dinner on the first date, I’m not going to say no or force him to split the bill. However, if there is a next time, I will offer to pay and have no qualms in doing so. I didn’t bring it up at the brunch, but I am sure that if I had so much as mentioned the word abortion, someone would have spilt their tea. All of your young women want to advertise their equality but they don’t want to grant other women the right to do what they please with their bodies. 
To put it succinctly and try not to further offend you (if you haven’t hung up and deleted this message already), I just don’t feel right being a part of something that, to me, seems to hypocritical. 
Therefore, I appreciate the invitation but I simply do not think I can make it. 

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