In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Spring in the South is sudden. 

It happens overnight and anyone who’s lived here long enough can tell you when it happens.

Because one night, you go to sleep and every tree is cold, shivering, and naked. Then, when you awaken the next morning, the world is white. The little flowers are nestled on the branches like sleeping butterflies, perfect in every way. If you look closely, each bud has a tiny fuchsia center, reminiscent of a heart. The minuscule beating heart of spring, our time for rebirth. 

Of course, the Bradford Pear isn’t the only tree that blooms out in brilliant blossoms. It’s just the most noticeable, and for two reasons. It’s always the first. 

And the blooming of a Bradford Pear is accompanied by the most unholy stench. 



For many Southerners, knowing how to successfully landscape to ensure maximum curb appeal has turned into a science. Which is fortunate because it means we are consistently surrounded by floral beauty from mid-March through June. From the sweet, yellow Daffodils (which will sometimes bloom even through snow), to the magnificent beauty of Hydrangeas in every color, to the creeping vines of Wisteria that consume everything in their paths with lovely purple blossoms, we Southerners do not often find ourselves in a position where we cannot simply reach around and pick a flower. They will grace our yards, our porches, and even our kitchen tables. 

Spring is also (at least in Tennessee) tornado season. My family recently put in a storm shelter under our garage, which is a long time coming, seeing as my mother is absolutely terrified of tornados. In fact, she’s convinced she will either die in a plane or a tornado or a plane flying into a tornado. Anyway, it’s not unusual for us to have at least one tornado warning a week here. It’s been pretty bad since 2009 and the Good Friday tornado. Today, for instance, we were under a warning for several hours. Additionally, the weather was absolutely disgusting. It depressed me so.

That’s where the old adage comes into play, I guess. 

March: in like a lion, out like a lamb. 

Let’s hope so!

Until next time,

xx Chloe


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